Minutes of Officers Meeting  
  Tuesday, 7th January 2020  
  Present   Name   Office   Present   Name   Office  
  P   Jemima Meaden   President   P   Gillian May   Treasurer League Secretary  
  P   Cyndy Goldacre   Vice President   P   Brenda Clay   Competition Secretary  
  A   Penny Hopkins   Secretary   P   Carol Reynolds   Co-opted Member  
              P   Daphne Nicholls   Co-opted Member  
  1   President                  
      President Jemima thanked Cyndy for hosting the meeting and the Committee for its support during her Presidency. As Jemima will not be attending the AGM she will rovide a report to be read out on her behalf.  
  2   Apologies                  
      Apologies were received from Penny Hopkins (Secretary).  
  3   Minutes of Previous Meeting  
      Minutes of meeting held on 12th January 2019 were accepted as a true record  
      Proposed by: Daphne Nicholls  
      Seconded by: Brenda Clay  
      Gill pointed out that committee members should not propose or second the Minutes of the Executive or AGM Meetings. Also the President should chair all meetings.  
  4   Matters arising from the Previous Minutes  
      7b Gill said she had not yet included the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies in the Constitution but will do so, and at the same time insert the Transgender Policy. It was agreed that the P&D WBA should adopt the policieslaid down by Bowls England which also brings us in line with Bowls Hampshire.  
      10.2 A date for a possible friendly at Denmead was not arranged due to the number of fixtures te cub will incur in 2020 during Cyndy`s Presidency.  
  5   5.1 Secretary`s Report  
      A report was not received from Penny  
      5.2 Gill`s Report                  
      5.2.1 The Chairman of Clanfield Bowling Club asked for the cutoff date to register their ladies for affiliation to the P&D WBA. The 31st October was agreed to coincide with that of the Mens` P&D.  
      At this stage the ladies are not interested in joining as they prefer to bowl socially with no dress code in place. Michael was informed that if they wished to affiliate they would be required to adhere to the dress code. Michael was advised to read the Constitution on the P&D WBA website, and perhaps the ladies could consider playing in the Havant Ladies League when the rules are not so strict. White blouse/shirt and grey trousers would be required.  
      POST MEETING: Gill suggested to Cyndy that we could introduce the P&D WBA by offering to play a friendly against Clanfield on their green or another club with artificial surface. Gill will contact Michael to extend the invitation. This will be discussed with the Executive at the AGM.  
      5.2.2 Early completion of the calendar enabled Brenda to start the competitions later than in the past (Club Challenge and Triples Prelim being the only competitions taking place in May 2020) and still avoid doubling up with County fixtures. The leagues also do not start until May.  
      5.2.3 The decision to establish Tuesday as a `League` day was well received by the clubs.  
      5.2.4 Carol confirmed her Co-opted Member nomination Proposer and Seconder as Jill Taylor and Joyce Brookes. Daphne to confirm the Proposer of her nomination.  
      5.2.5 An email has been sent to Toye Kenning & Spencer to order Jemima`s Past President Badge. It was agreed that three would be purchased to cover 2019 2020 2021,  
  6   Treasurer`s Report  
      6.1 The final account for 2019/20 showing a balance in the bank of 7591.94 was presented, which is adequate for a reserve despite the decision not to maintain a Presidents Fund. Lloyds Bank advised that three other accounts remain open and unused. These have now been closed and the sum of 84p will be transferred to the main account.  
      6.2 The composite form for the affiliation and competition entries worked well although at least four cheques are likely to be returned due to the incorrect payee details thereon.  
      6.3 The account showing the fees paid by each club demonstrated the number of league entries was down by one Hayling Island and a significant reduction in competition entries. Clubs were asked how many working ladies they had overall a total of 25+, some full time, part time or flexible. This sheet will be sent to Clubs together with the AGM Agenda.  
      6.4 The income from one day events showed that most of the clubs participated.  
      6.5 The luncheon raffle proceeds cover the cost of the floral table decorations and menus. Brenda has already collated 17 raffle prizes, some of which are unwanted personal presents received by her. It was agreed that the P&D WBA should give her a financial contribution for those items.  
      6.6. Jemima thanked the P&D WBA for the 50 gift in recognition of her Presidency.  
  7   League Secretary`s Report  
      Gill said the draws have been on the website for some time.  
  8   Competition Secretary`s Report  
      8.1 All the one day competition events have been arranged with different clubs hosting them, on the basis that the P&D WBA pay the clubs 50 and they receive the proceeds from refreshments, bar and raffle.  
      8.2 The competition draws would take place immediately following the meeting.  
      6.3 Gill expressed her concern that working ladies may not enter the one day competitions as they have to take time off work, which in light of Bowls England/Bowls Hampshire rules is unacceptable. A lengthy discussion took place and Brenda said she would look at running the Club Challenge Final, Champion of Champions and 2 wood singles on weekends in 2021. Cyndy suggested that Denmead may be able to host the Club Challenge Final on Saturday 22nd August this year. She will advise Brenda when she has spoken with Denmead`s Fixture Secretary. This will be included in the AGM Agenda.  
  9   AGM Proposals  
      Gill was unsure what the outcome of the proposals discussed at the September Executive Meeting were. The following report was submitted by her for that meeting:  
      Waterlooville: These proposals were submitted following an unfortunate injury sustained by a lady playing a league match in heavy rain. However, as outlined in my email when forwarding the proposals to the captains I am not in favour of amending the constitution to cover what at the end of the day is sheer common sense. For years match captains have made sensible decisions as to whether a game should be abandoned due to inclement weather and in my opinion it does not require a rule to ensure it takes place. Furthermore I am concerned that amendment of the constitution will lead to disagreements as to what is a shower, light or heavy rain thus leading to matches repeatedly being rescheduled. Bowls is an outdoor game and the British weather is very unpredictable. I recommend that the Constitution and Rules are adequate.  
      Milton Park: Proposal relating to league: This was already taken into effect prior to receipt of the proposal - as outlined at the 2018 AGM and Executive meeting it was always the intention to have matches played on one day per week (after all we only had the one extra Thursday this year) and reduce the number of teams in the leagues to enable us to start later.  
      The following amended proposals taken at the Executive Meeting were discussed  
      Waterlooville Insert under Section 14 Health and Safety addition to the proposal that `in adverse or extreme weather conditions if the Captains cannot agree (after consultation with their teams) then the match be re-scheduled. This is not accepted by the P&D WBA Committee as it is ambiguous and the current rules laid down by Bowls England are concise and sufficient.  
      Milton Park That rule 13.1.3 be removed as the offending player would not be allowed to play under rule 13.1.2, and in the section for Uniform. The P&D WBA agreed that Rule 13.1.3 should remain as it is a penalty for the FAILURE TO COMPLY with rules 13.1.2, and  
  10   Any Other Business  
      10.1 Cyndy asked if anything had been done to arrange a friendly wil multi clubs; e.g. Meon Valley and Hedge End enering three teams each. Gill said she had not done anything for 2020 but would try to arrange one for 2021.  
      10.2 Gill said that if we wanted to consider a number of events for the 70th Anniversary of the P&D WBA in 2022 now is the time to consider friendlies with Bowls England, Bowls Hants, etc. This will be discussed with the Executive at the AGM.