Minutes of Officers Meeting  
  Tuesday, 12th February 2019  
  Present   Name   Office   Present   Name   Office  
  P    Jemima Meaden   President   A   Gillian May   Treasurer                        League Secretary  
  P   Cyndy Goldacre   Vice President   P   Brenda Clay   Competition Secretary  
  P   Penny Hopkins   Secretary   P   Daphne Nicholls   Co-opted Member  
  A   Carol Reynolds   Co-opted Member              
  1   President                  
      President Jemima opened the meeting thanking everyone for attending and welcoming Penny to heer fis  
      Penny to her first meeting. A big thankyou to Cyndy for hosting the meeting at short notice.  
  2   Apologies                  
      Apologies were received from Gill May and Carol Reynolds  
  3   Minutes of Previous Meeting   
      Minutes of meeting held on 19th November 2018 were accepted as a true record  
      Proposed by:    Cyndy Goldacre  
      Seconded by:   Daphne Nicholls  
  4   Matters arising from the Previous Minutes  
      Item 5.2:   All one day events will be as planned.  
      Item 8:      The A.G.M. will be held on Monday 17th February 2020  
  5   Secretary`s Report  
      As this was Penny`s first meeting she had nothing to report.  
      5.3 Finances   All finances look very good. Thank you to Gill for providing a reconciled  
      statement of the finances.  
  6   Treasurer`s Report  
      As stated at item 5.  
  7   League Secretary`s Report  
      a.  SHORTS  Gill is endeaouring to compile a poster with regards to the wearing of short -  
      similar to that re andals. We have imposed a 2point penalty if a team is playing a lady   
      wearing shorts that do not have the Bowls England logo thereon. Bowls England and   
      Bowls Hampshire rules are that anyone turning up for a match for competitions (and in our  
      case leagues also) they WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE GREEN and wll be asked to change.  
      As this is a Bowls England rule we must comply with it. Gillis researching the wording of  
      the rule.  
      b. CHILD AND SAFEGUARDING  two 13 year old girls have joined Milton Park - which is very  
      refreshing to know - but this will of course make us aware of the Child Protection Policy  
      laid dwn by Bowls England, Bowls Hampshire and the P&D. Both girls will be transported  
      to their competitions by their parents who wil remain with them throughout the game.  
      Therefore, it is unnecessary for the clubs hosting the games to do anything. As the girls  
      attend school their matches will almost certainly be played in the evenings or at weekends.  
      The P&D WBA does not include child protection/safeguarding in its constitution and Gill  
      thinks consideration should be given to do sol  
  8   Competition Secretary`s Report  
      Brenda said there was nothing much to report - she had received more competition  
      entries than last year mainly due to the finals week being held a week earlier allowing   
      ladies to enter who normally cannot as the finals week clashed with the Gas Social Tour.  
  9   Match Secretary`s Report  
      A match with Swindon has been arranged at Purbrook on 12th July 2019.  
  10   Any Other Business  
      A list of club presidents` names and contact details for Jemima.  
      Another day to be arranged at Denmead - this will be confirmed by Cyndy once Denmead  
      have availability.  
      The next executive meeting will be held at Portchester on 11th March 2019 at 2pm.  
  11   Date of next meeting  
      The next officers meeting to be held on 5th August 2019 at 10am - venue to be decided   
      and any proposals to be submitted  by 1st August 2019.