Minutes of Officers Meeting  
  Monday 1st August 2016  
  Present   Name   Office   Present   Name   Office  
  A   Daphne Nicholls   President   P   Janet Livingston   Assistant Secretary  
  P   Pauline Olden   Vice President   P   Gillian May   League Secretary  
  P   Pat Duckworth   Secretary   P   Brenda Clay   Competition Secretary  
  P   Jean Ashdown   Treasurer              
  1   President                  
      Vice President Pauline opened the meeting in Daphne`s absence. She welcome everyone to the meeting and thanked Gill for the use of her home.  
  2   Apologies                  
      Apologies were received from President Daphne.  
  5   Secretary`s Report  
      Discuss Proposals (See separate sheet for proposals to go to Secretaries/AGM meetings).  
      Gosport - Start Leagues at 11am.  
      Committee - a rule to cover Gosports 2 greens (see separate email).  
      To discuss:  
      Rule 10.1.1 and 10.1.3 - does single rink need to be removed?   The Committee agreed that it should.  
      Rule 11.1.4 and 10.1.6 - games to be started before 6pm?    The Committed that they should.  
      Rule 11.1.4 - New - Matches played on a fixed day may be played before the date by mutual agreement. If the challenger`s green is unfit for play every endeavour must be made to play the game either on the opponents or a neutral green.     This was withdrawn.  
  6   Treasurer`s Report  
      All  going smoothly at present.  
  7   League Secretary`s Report  
      Still a couple of problems with the leagues playing during Southsea and Leamington. Clubs must try to re-arrange games well in advance. Gill will ask Captains to confirm any re-arranged dates and times in wiriting. Otherwise all is well.  
  8   Competition Secretary`s Report  
      All nearly finished. There have been a few changes and walkovers.  
  9   Friendlies/Assistant secretary`s Report  
      Janet is happy with the friendlies. She usually gets sufficient numbers and she has a list of players to call on if short.  
  10   Any Other Business  
      10.1   President Daphne asked that we discuss 2up and 2 down in the leagues - after some discussion it was agreed to leave it as it is.  
      10.2   President Daphne also asked for discussion on the de-registration rule - after some discussion it was agreed the present rule is fair.  
      10.3   President Daphne reminded us that if we have a problem with parking at Palmerston for friendlies she has approached the Fareham Leisure Centre.  
      10.4   Green protection mats were discussed and it was agreed to put the use of them to the clubs again. Gill will present a new rule for us to agree.  
      10.5   Gill asked the Committee if there was any value in setting up a page on the website to sell bowling items.    The Committee agreed.  
      10.6   Gill has produced a booklet with all the information and codes for the website and the Leagues, which is on a memory stick. This is just in case of any emergency.  
      10.7   Brenda and Gill will collect the Trophies and organise the annual engraving and purchase of individual trophies.  
      10.8   The committee thanked Gill for the coffee.