January February March April  
  Send composite Affiliation/Competition Entry form and cheque to the Treasurer  by 1st January.  Send a copy of the form together with entry forms to the Competition Secretary by 1st January. Annual General Meeting at 2.15pm on Monday 15th February at Portchester Community Centre   Register ladies playing in P&D leagues in their respective teams with the League Secretary by the 24th April.  
  May June July August  
  Thornbery Trophy commences on Wednesday 19th May  2 Wood Singles at Denmead on 17th June with 18th as a spare day County finals week. Submit Propositions and Nominations for Officers to Acting Secretary by             August 1st   
  Club Challenge commences on 15th/16th May  Past President v Preident at Milton Park on 24th June Inter Club Triples at Fareham on 12th July with 15th as a spare day Executive Meeting at 2.15pm on Monday 16th August at Portchester Community Centre  
      Gill May Trophy at Milton Park on 23rd July Champion of Champions at Fareham on 18th August with 19th as a spare day  
      Portsmouth Open 1st -7th August Anniversary Day on 5th August at Bridgemary  
      Pat Duckworth Trophy at Pembroke Gardens on 30th July  Advise Competition Secretary of your Club singles winner.  
        Finals week at Denmead 23rd - 26th August  
        P&D Men v Ladies at Denmead - 1st September  
  September October November Feb-22  
  Send Luncheon forms and cheques to Secretary by 11th September Luncheon & Presentation of Trophies at Brookfield Hotel on 5th October   Annual General Meeting at Portchester Community Centre on ?th February at 2.15pm  
  P&D Men v P&D WBA Ladies on 31st August at Denmead