Minutes of Executive Meeting  
  16th August 2021  
  Present Officers Officers   Present   Club   Present   Club  
  P    President   P   Bedhampton   P   Gosport  
  P   Vice President   P   Bridgemary   A   Hayling Island  
  P   Past President   A   Cosham   P   Lee on the Solent  
  P   Secretary   P   Cowplain   P   Leigh Park  
  P   Treasurer   P   Crofton   P   Milton Park  
  P   League Secretary   P   Denmead   P   Pembroke Gardens  
  P   Competitions Secretary   P   Emsworth   P   Portchester  
          P   Fareham   A   Purbrook Heath  
          P   Forton   P   Rowner  
          P   Gas Social   A   Waterlooville  
  1   President`s Address  
      President Cyndy opened the meeting and said it was so good to see everyone before presenting              P&D WBA Badges to a number of ladies. Cyndy said the year had proved to be interesting and busier than she thought and thanked Gill and Brenda for their help and guidance.          
      She felt there was a lack of information being passed on from ladies secretaries/captains to their replacements. All proposals must be sent to their ladies who have the right to an opinion.  The ladies Secretary/Captain should be entitled to have the contact details of their ladies, and to comply with the Data Protection Act e-mails should be addressed to oneself and blind copied to all the other recipients.                                        
      Cyndy said the commencement of ladies meetings is an essential way of finding out how ladies feel in an open discussion and an opportunity to impart much needed information to new bowlers.                                                                                                                                                                              A lot of ladies have understandably been fearful of playing this year, and some have found alternative things to do with their time; many have returned prepared only to play club competitions. Cyndy suggested that secretaries should send an e-mail of encouragement to their ladies asking them to once again consider playing in league.                                                                                                                            
      Cyndy said the Committee desperately needs volunteers to ensure the survival of the P&D WBA.    While it may seem frightening and daunting the present Committee members felt the same, some more than others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  2   Apologies  
      Apologies were received from Jan Brindley (Hayling Island), Frances Barker (Purbrook Heath),             Linda McWilliam (Waterlooville) and Sandra Briggs (Cosham).  
  3   Minutes of meeting held on 23rd September 2019  
      The Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.  
      Proposed by Min Wright (Milton Park Ladies)  
      Seconded by Marian Cobbett (Rowner)  
  4   Matters Arising from Previous Minutes  
      There were no matters arising.  
  5   Secretary`s Report/Treasurer`s Report  
      Janet Cowan (Gosport) has volunteered to become Treasurer and Gill said she looked forward to her joining the Committee in February next year. There is a possibility that we have a Secretary, but unfortunately no-one has volunteered to take on the role of League Secretary. Gill emphasised that if no-one takes on the position in 2023 the league will most certainly cease to exist.  
      In 2022 the P&D WBA celebrates its 70th Anniversary and Gill will be inviting clubs to consider hosting the Anniversary Day. Bowls England and Bowls Hampshire will be committed to the Commonwealth Games and will not be attending, so the event will be very much an `in-house` occasion. Gill hopes to ask Portsmouth Library to stage an exhibition during the season and asked the meeting if they had any photographs and memorabilia relating to the P&D WBA to put on display.  
      Gill felt we owed it to Gwen Wing and four other ladies who founded the P&D WBA to ensure the Association has its rightful place in the history of Portsmouth, so she would like to write a book on its history and welcomed any photographs clubs may have of their ladies.  
      The Minutes of the Officers, Executive and AGM meetings are now being put on the website.  
  6   Treasurer`s Report                  
      The Accounts were circulated to clubs with the Agenda. Given the uncertainty of clubs entering leagues and competitions next year Gill asked the Executive if the account system used this year should be put in place next year. It was agreed.  
  7   League Secretary`s Report  
      Gill thanked the clubs who participated in the friendly triples league. It was difficult to do the results due to two factors - the clubs did not start at the same time so there are many games still outstanding, but she was disappointed to see clubs pull out mid-season because their ladies just didn`t want to play.  
      A number of games were cancelled due to greens being unplayable, but clubs failed to take into account Rule 10.6.4. of the Constitution, which stipulates that if a green is unplayable the opponent`s club should be contacted to see if theirs is and the game played on the same day. Gill will print and laminate the league rules for match captains to keep in their bowls bags.  
      No league match should ever be conceded. On the rare occasion of a conceded game Gill drew attention to Rule 10.5.4 which outlines how points are awarded; e.g. 4 points awarded to the non-defaulting club and 4 points deducted from the defaulting club, which she complied with this year. Gill feels that an award of 12 shots should be given to the non-defaulting club and will take it to the AGM in February.  
      Gill referred to an e-mail received from the Bowls Hants Secretary Hazel Marke, which invited the views of competitors in Hampshire to complete a short survey to enable them to make a proper representation to Bowls England with regard to their formats for competitions in 2021; e.g.   reducing the number of ends and the number of bowls. It was agreed the P&D WBA would vote for the formats to be returned to those used before 2021. Caroline Cuerden (Lee on the Solent) said working ladies would not want to play league if played at 15 ends.  
      Gill said tea breaks after league matches should be optional and agreed between the relevant match captains.  
  8   Competition Secretary`s Report  
      Brenda thanked the ladies who entered the competitions this year, and apologised for the change of some dates owing to the pandemic and County finals.   
      The result of the Champion of Champions on Wednesday 18th August will enable Brenda to put the finishing touches to finals week. Secretaries were asked to ensure the finals sheets are put on their club notice boards for their ladies to see.  
      Brenda asked the captains to remind their ladies they should not enter competitions if they are not going to be available for finals week.  
      Brenda said it would be nice to see as many people as possible supporting the ladies in finals week.  
  9   Nominations and Proposals for the Annual General Meeting  
      A nomination form has been received for the Treasurer`s post.  
      Amendments to the P&D WBA Constitution - Gill explained that these amendments are just to tidy up the Constitution and they make no operational changes.  
      Proposal from Milton Park Ladies - the draw for the 2 wood singles should be done on the day to avoid ladies having to wait long periods when given `byes`. The following valid points were raised  with regard to players being required to mark if they are not included in the first round of the 2 wood singles, and it was agreed that this part of the proposal should be withdrawn.  
      Rosemary Bailey (Fareham) - the draw should be done on the day.  
      Diana Cooper (Cowplain) - ladies should not be forced to do marking - players may choose to mark.  
      Min Wright (Milton park Ladies) - it is not always easy to get a marker.  
      Lyn Clayton (Denmead) - ladies may find it too much to play after marking.  
      Jay Cross (Forton) - some ladies who mark do not know what they are doing, which adversely affects the players.  
      Sue Wood (Emsworth) - suggested the proposal be reworded as ladies may be put off entering competitions if they are asked to mark.  
      Proposal from Portchester - to enable older ladies to play in the league one shot on the first two ends should be introduced. The Committee did not support the proposal as it would be impossible to run the league in that way as shot difference is paramount to the end result.   
      The Committee will no longer accept proposals that endeavour to change the league format. As an established Association with 21 affiliated clubs the P&D WBA offers league, competitions and one day events. Clubs are responsible for providing bowls for their members and if ladies do not want to play the designated number of ends in league they should not enter. Trial ends are not obligatory.  
      Forton suggested that clubs with insufficient ladies to play league could get together and organise friendly games. Gill said that every year she has offered to run an ad hoc triples league for clubs on the west side of the P&D WBA, but the only club to come forward has always been Crofton. She is willing to make that offer again if clubs are interested.  
  10   Any Other Business                  
      Lyn Clayton (Denmed) - is the proposal from Portchester still on the table? Portchester withdrew the proposal.  
      Lynda Groves (Fareham) - will the affiliation, league and competition fees be raised next year?          Gill said they will remain the same as this year.  
      AGM is set for Monday 14th February 2022 at 2pm at Portchester Community Centre.