Minutes of Executive Meeting  
  23rd September 2019  
  Present Officers Officers   Present   Club   Present   Club  
  P   President   A Alexandra Park   P   Hayling Island  
  A   Vice President   A   Bedhampton   P   Lee on Solent  
  P   Past President   P   Bridgemary   P   Leigh Park  
  P   Secretary   P   Cosham   P   Milton Park  
  A   Treasurer   P   Cowplain   A   Northern Parade  
  A   Match Secretary   P   Crofton   P   Pembroke Gardens  
  P   League Secretary   P   Denmead   P   Portchester  
  P   Competitions Secretary   P   Emsworh   P   Purbrook Heath  
  P   Carol Reynolds   P   Fareham   P   Rowner  
  A   Dapne Nicholls   P   Forton   P   Waterlooville  
          A   Gosport          
  1   President`s Address  
      President Jemima welcomed the delegates to the meeting and showed a letter from Portsmouth Hospital Charity Breast Care Fund thanking Jemima and members for their kind donation of 900.  
  2   Apologies  
      Apologies wer received from Cyndy Goldacre (D), Gill May (League Secretary and Treasurer). Ros Baxter (G), Brenda Webb (P), Portchester was represented by Chris Gibbs, Leslie Howell (B), Kath Patrick (MP) and Daphne Nicholls (F).  
      In addition to the apologies the Committee were notified that Judith Edwards (HI) has resigned as club secretary and is being replaced by Jan Brindley.  
  3   Minutes of meeting held on 11th March 2019  
      The Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.  
      Proposed by Brenda Clay (Portchester)  
      Seconded by Penny Hopkins (Gas Social)  
  4   Matters Arising from Previous Minutes  
      There were no matters arising.  
  5   Secretary`s Report/Treasurer`s Report  
      No report from the Secretary.  
      From Gill May, Treasurer:  
      5.1 The petty cash and current account balance sheets have been emailed to the captains and secretaries.  
      2,380 is due to be forwarded to the Brookfield Hotel for the lunch on the 8th October.  
      5.2 As we no longer have friendly matches that incur the cost of coaches it is unnecessary for the association to make money and the maintenance of a healty balance of 6000 - 7000 is quite sufficient.  
      5.3 The P&D no longer gives the President a lump sum because we have purchased coasters and pens for prizes, so the President`s only personal expense would be on her presidents day. Therefore we have removed the 1 per head contribution by clubs for the Presidents Fund which has been closed down.  
      5.4 Please note the new affiliation/competition entry forms are due on the 1st January 2020. The original forms together with the appropriate cheque must be forwarded to the Treasurer and a copy of the forms together with the competition entries to Brenda. This saves the clubs sending two separate cheques that has occurred over past years.  
  6   League Secretary`s Report  
      6.1 As outlined at the 2018 AGM and the Spring Executive Meeting two clubs were relegated from B and C Leagues, thus bringing the total clubs in each of the four leagues to 8. All matches will be played on Tuesdays - the one remaining Thursday this year having been removed. The movement has enabled me to start the league on the 5th May and finish on the 4th August. The league dates have been uploaded on to the website. It is not deirable to play league matches further into August as there are a number of other commitments to consider not least any outstanding matches rescheduled due to rain etc. Our calendar is very much governed by the County which will be even more significant next year when they have their anniversary celebrations - they do have priority with us having to take what is left.  
  8   Competition Secretary`s Report  
      7.1 Brenda hoped everyone had a good season and said how nice it was to see so many people at finals week. Brenda would like to thank the ladies at Milton Park Bowling Club for all their hard work and for giving up their time. Brenda also wanted to thank Martyn Reynolds for being the umpire and also a big thankyou to the ladies that marked for us.  
      7.2 Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and well done to all who entered the competitions.  
      7.3 Brenda is looking forward to receiving the entry forms for next season, finals week will be Monday 14th August 2020. She would like to take this opportunity to stress that Champion of Champions is and always has been a one day competition and is played on a set date, so I woud ask all secretary`s to make sure their ladies are aware of this.  
      7.4 Brenda would like to thank everyone for their patience and looks forward to seeing you all next season.  
  8   Proposals for the Annual General Meeting  
      Proposal fom Waterlooville Bowling Club:  
      Amend Rule 10.6.6 - Proposal withdrawn by Waterlooville Bowling Club.  
      New Rule 10.7.1 - Proposal withdrawn by Waterlooville Bowling Club.  
      Insert under Section 14 Health and Safety addition to the proposal that "in adverse or extreme weather conditions if the Captains cannot agree (after consultation with their teams) then the match be re-scheduled".  
      Proposal from Milton Park Bowling Club:  
      That Rule 13.1.3 be removed as the offending player would not be allowed to play under rules 13.1.2, and in the section for Uniform.  
  9a   Bowls Hants President  
      No report submitted.  
  10   Any Other Business                  
      AGM is set for Monday 17th February 2020 at 2.15pm at Portchester Community Centre.  
      There being no further business the meeting was closed at 3.15pm.