Reviewed: 2014                                                                      Amended 2016 - 2017 - 2018-2020-2021  
  1   TITLE  
      The name of the Association shall be The Portsmouth & District Womens Bowling Association (P&D WBA).  
      The Association shall be members of Bowls Hampshire and affiliated to Bowls England   
      The objective of the Association shall be to affiliate all Womens Bowling Clubs within the Portsmouth   
       & District subject to the approval of the Association  
  4   OFFICERS  
      The Committee will consist of the following officers who, apart from the President, shall be elected  at  
      the Annual General Meeting.  
      4.1 President - shall chair meetings; host friendly matches at home and present the trophies at the   
        P&D WBA Luncheon; assist the Competition Secretary with the competition draws; assist   
        the Secretary with player selection for friendlies.  
      4.2 Vice President -  shall assist the President at all P&D WBA functions and represent her if   
        required; assist the Secretary and President with player selection for friendlies.  
      4.3 Secretary - shall deal with all correspondence; convene and take minutes at the Annual General  
        Meeting, Executive and Officers meetings, maintain and update records of affiliated clubs   
        and disseminate information to them; assist the Treasurer with the arrangements for the   
        P&D WBA luncheon; receive nominations for the election of officers and proposals for the  
         Annual General Meeting; assist the Competitions Secretary and President with the   
        competition draws; compile the annual calendar; maintain a record of badged players;  
         chair selection meetings with the President and Vice President.  
      4.4 Treasurer - shall maintain a financial record of the P&D WBA and present a statement at   
        the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Meetings and Officers` Meeting; receive affiliation   
        fees; liaise with the P&D WBA Luncheon venue.  
      4.5 League Secretary – shall receive registrations from affiliated clubs for entry in the League;   
        produce match schedules for each Division of the League; record match results and produce   
        a weekly result statement; ensure that the P&D WBA league rules are complied with  
        and arbitrate in any dispute.  
      4.6 Competition Secretary – shall prepare competition entry forms for distribution to affiliated   
        clubs together with the President and Secretary conduct a draw for the individual competition   
        categories and distribute to clubs; record match results; oversee the 2 wood singles and Inter   
        Club Triples competitions and semi-finals and finals week.  
      4.7 The Committee shall meet regularly.  
      5.1 The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by a Council consisting of the Officers of the  
        Committee (See Rule 4) and  one delegate from each  affiliated club.  
      5.2 The Council shall have the power to elect members as Life Vice-Presidents for special services  
        rendered to the Association.  
      5.3 The  Life  Vice-Presidents  shall  be  entitled  to  attend Council Meetings without a vote.  
      5.4 The Council shall meet in April and August of each year.  
      5.5 If the usual delegate is unable to attend the Council meeting a substitute shall be sent to  
        represent their club.  
      5.6 The Council shall have the power to make or amend a rule if necessary, and submit for approval  
        of the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.  
      5.7 If deemed necessary a Special General Meeting may be convened by the Council by at least   
        50% attendance.  
      5.8 The Selection Committee shall consist of 6 Committee Members.  
      6.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in February when the election   
        of the following Officers shall take place:     President,    Vice-President,          
        Hon. Secretary, Hon.Treasurer, Hon. Assistant Secretary, Hon. League  Secretary,   
        Hon. Competition Secretary and two Auditors.  
      6.2 The Vice-President shall automatically be elected President.  
      6.3 Nominations for Vice-President shall be submitted by the eligible Club in alphabetical order  
      6.4 Nominations for the remaining Officers of the Committee shall be endorsed by the   
        nominee`s Club Management Team and forwarded to the Honorary Secretary no later than   
        1st August each year.  
      6.5 Proposals for amendment of the P&D WBA rules shall be discussed and submitted to the   
        Annual General Meeting.  
      6.6 All propositions, including additions and alterations to the Rules of the Association, shall be   
        forwarded to the Honorary Secretary no later than 1st August each year.  
      6.7 Propositions shall be voted on by one delegate from each  affiliated club.  
      6.8 Any alterations or additions to the Rules of the Association shall be made only at the Annual  
        General Meeting.  
      6.9 The Hon. Treasurer shall present a Revenue Account up to  the 31st October.  
  7   FEES  
      7.1 The annual Affiliation, League and  Competition fees (payable on 1st January) will be  
        determined  at  the Annual General Meeting.  
      8.1 Clubs should not submit the name of a new bowler for an unbadged game in her first playing   
        season (this does not apply to existing bowlers who have changed clubs).  
      8.2 An unbadged player will gain her badge when she plays her third game in her third year (not   
        necessarily consecutive years).  
      8.3 White shall be worn when representing the P&D, both on and off the green, with the   
        P&D blue and yellow flash/tie/cravat.  
      8.4 White will be worn when travelling on a coach and no  flip-flops will be worn with uniform  
      9.1 All affiliated clubs of the Portsmouth & District WBA shall, in alphabetical order,   
        nominate a member of their own club as Vice-President of the Association, to take up   
        the Presidency the following year.  
      9.2 The President`s own club may or may not provide a venue for a representative match   
        depending on available accommodation.  
      9.3 If there are extenuating circumstances why a club feels unable to nominate a    
        Vice President these reasons should be put in writing to the Officers of the Portsmouth   
        & Distict Women`s Bowling Association.  
  10   LEAGUE  
      10.1 FORMAT  
      10.1.1 There shall be a main League comprising Divisions A, B, C & D.  
      10.1.2 In Divisions A, B, C & D the teams will consist of eight players playing fours on two rinks.  
      10.1.3 Each year the top team of B, C & D moves up to the league above and the bottom team of   
        A, B & C moves down to the league below.  
      10.1.4 The teams shall play each other twice during the season – one match at home and the    
        other away.  
      10.1.5 The first named Club on the match schedule is the home team.   
      10.1.6 Matches will commence at 2pm, or at a mutually agreed time.  
      10.1.7 All League games will be played on dates fixed by the P&D Secretary.   
      10.1.8 All matches will be played under the current Joint Laws of the Game.   
      10.1.9 National and International duties take precedence over Portsmouth & District League when  
         more than two members are involved.  
      10.1.10 League dates may only be rearranged when more than two members are involved in playing   
        or acting as designated reserve in National or International duties. This rule also applies when   
        the members  wish to attend a funeral of a club member.  
      10.1.11 Ladies wishing to support their club members at National and International matches do not   
        fall within the criteria of rule 10.1.11 and league dates should not be re-arranged to   
        accommodate them.  
      10.1.12 If a Captain is aware fourteen days in advance that she is unable to field a minimum of 6 players   
        on a specified league date she should seek the agreement of the League Secretary to change   
        the date and arrange for the match to  be played BEFORE the original match date.  
      10.1.13 Club stickers must be used on both sides of each bowl. No additional stickers are allowed.  
      10.2  REGISTRATION   
      10.2.1 Clubs shall register a minimum of eight players in each league team.  
      10.2.2 All remaining players who wish to play in league games will be registered in the club`s   
        lowest league.  
      10.2.3 Should an unregistered player take part in a league match the defaulting team will lose 2 points.  
      10.2.4 Clubs with two teams in the same league must declare which of the teams is the `higher` of   
        the two and register the players for both teams accordingly.  
      10.3 DE-REGISTRATION  
      10.3.1 If a player is not playing up to standard, she may be re-registered in a lower league before   
        the 5th game, and the League Secretary must be informed in writing.  
      10.3.2 A de-registered player may not play `up` in a higher league for the remainder of that season.   
      10.4 PLAYER SHORTAGE  
      10.4.1 If a club is short of players in its top team on a League date, a player may `play up` from a lower   
        league to complete the team.   
      10.4.2 A “borrowed” player is permitted to play twice in a higher league  
      10.4.3 If a club has two teams in one league, a player in the `lower` team is permitted to play twice in  
        the `higher` team.  
      10.4.4  Should a lady play more than twice she must remain in  the League or `higher` team in which   
        she played last for  the remainder of the season.  
      10.4.5 If a team arrives and only has three players a wait of half an hour shall be allowed for the fourth  
        player to arrive.   
      10.4.6 If the fourth team player has failed to arrive after half an hour the game shall proceed with   
        Nos. 1 and 2 playing with 3 woods and the Skip 2 woods.   
      10.4.7 With three players in the team the order of play is the same as all games; e.g. the team that   
        won the previous end has the jack. This sequence is not altered because a  team is short of   
        one player.  
      10.4.8 At the end of the game 25% is deducted from the score  of  the defaulting rink.  
      10.4.9 If a player becomes ill during the game and leaves the green she may be replaced by a reserve.    
        If there is no substitute available 25% of the affected rink`s score will  be deducted from the  
         total score of the number of ends played with three players.  
      10.4.10 A substitute may play in any position apart from Skip.  
      10.5 SCORING  
      10.5.1 The Clubs with the greatest number of points  shall be the winner of their respective leagues.  
      10.5.2 Two points are awarded for winning rinks, one point for drawn rinks, four points for an overall   
        win, two points  for an overall draw.  
      10.5.3 In the event of a tie between two or more clubs, shot difference will be taken into account to  
        decide the winner.  
      10.5.4 If, after all options have been considered, the game cannot be  played with  six  players  the   
        defaulting  team will  lose 4  points   and the  non-defaulting  team  awarded 4 points.  
      10.5.5 The match results must be telephoned or e-mailed on the same day to the Hon. League   
        Secretary by 10pm, and the score cards posted within 24 hours.  
      10.6 THE GREEN  
      10.6.1 All clubs affiliated to the Portsmouth & District Women`s Bowling Association (P&D WBA) must   
        state the nature of the playing surface (grass or synthetic) on which all their P&D WBA League   
        and Competitions will be played.  
      10.6.2 The green is to be registered before the 31st January.  
      10.6.3 The club must only play on the registered playing surface - Rule 10.6.4 applies.  
      10.6.4 Matches called off because the Greenkeeper declares the green unfit for play should, if   
        possible, be played on the same day at the opponent’s green. If this is not possible the game   
        must be played  within two weeks and the League Secretary informed of the new date.  
      10.6.5 Weather mats should not be used for league matches. If the Greenkeeper declares they are   
        needed then the green should be deemed unplayable.  
      10.6.6 The home club has SOLE responsibility for cancelling a match if the Club Greenkeeper declares  
        the green unplayable, and the Captain of the day should inform their opponents at least two   
        hours before the start of the match.  
      10.6.7 If the home green is fit for play in rainy conditions under no circumstances should the travelling  
        club cancel a match.   
      10.6.8 If the travelling club has not been advised by the home club that the green is unfit for play they   
        should travel to the club expecting to play the match.  
      10.7 GAME STOPPAGE  
      10.7.1 If a match is rained off or stopped for any other valid reason the game should be continued   
        either on the same day or on a different day. The scores will be as they were when the game   
         was stopped irrespective of the number of ends played.  
      10.7.2 If an end has started but all the required bowls have not been played when the game is   
        stopped the end should be declared dead. The end should be declared dead even if one or   
        more players choose to remain on the green during the stoppage. The dead end must be   
      10.7.3 If all the required bowls in an end have been played the number of shots scored must be   
        ascertained before the game is stopped.  
      10.7.4 The original team should remain the same in the rescheduled match.  
      10.7.5 If any of the original players in a team is unavailable one substitute will be allowed on each rink.  
        A substitute may play in any position apart from Skip.  
      10.7.6 A rescheduled game should start from the appropriate end of the rink and if possible played on   
        the same rinks.  
      10.7.7 If at  least  eighteen ends have been  played by one rink and rain prevents the full game being  
        continued, providing both match captains agree, the match can officially be taken as played and   
        the points stand.  It will not be necessary to reschedule the game to play the remaining ends.  
      10.8 REFRESHMENTS  
        Refreshments in Leagues  should be tea and  biscuits supplied by the home club after the   
        match has been completed.  
      11.1 FORMAT  
      11.1.1 The competitions will consist of 4 wood singles, consolation singles, two wood singles,   
        pairs, triples, fours, Champion of  Champions, Inter Club Triples and a Club Challenge.  
      11.1.2 Portsmouth & District competitions shall not be played prior to the 1st May.    
      11.1.3 The first named in the draw shall be the challenger and have the choice of green.  
      11.1.4 All P&D WBA competitions shall be played either on weekdays in the evenings with a start time  
        no earlier or later than 6pm, or at weekends. For weekday games an earlier start may be   
        arranged by mutual agreement between competitors, but in the absence of mutual agreement   
        the start time of no earlier or later than 6pm will be adhered to. The courtesy half hour   
        allowance for late arrivals will apply.  
      11.1.5 Challengers in their `first` competition game (preliminary round) must offer their opponent   
        three dates,  one of which must be on a weekend, no later than 5th May.  
      11.1.6 Where there is no preliminary round the first round will be the challenger`s `first` game.  
      11.1.7 In all subsequent rounds the challenger shall offer three dates, including one  at the weekend,   
        no later than five days after the completion of the previous round. When offering dates the  
         challenger will avoid Sundays, league dates, the last day of the round, Portsmouth Open week   
        and County competition dates.  
      11.1.8 Failure to comply with rules 11.1.4 – 11.1.6 will result in the challenger forfeiting all rights as   
        such and the opponent will then become the challenger who must communicate with the   
        opponent within five daysafter the 5th May, or eight days after the completion date of the   
        previous round.  
      11.1.9 An opponent must accept one of the dates offered or communicate with the challenger   
        within 48 hours.  
      11.1.10 Every endeavour shall be made to reach a mutual agreement and any further difficulties shall   
        be referred to the Competition Secretary.  
      11.1.11 Results must be telephoned or e-mailed to the Competition Secretary and score cards sent   
        within two days of the match having been played.  
      11.1.12 Club stickers must be used on both sides of each bowl.  
      11.2 TEAM & SUBSTITUTION  
      11.2.1 Ladies playing in their `first` match shall constitute the team and must play together throughout   
        the competition.  
      11.2.2 A substitute may be allowed for any reason, thus enabling round dates to be adhered to.  
      11.2.3 Prior to the game being commenced or between rounds, if a substitute is required she may   
        play in any position. She shall be a member of the club to which the side belongs and she   
        should not have already played in the competition.  
      11.2.4 If required the same named substitute must be used throughout the competition, including the   
        semi-finals and finals.  
      11.2.5 A substitute may play in any position apart from Skip.  
      11.2.6 The Competition Secretary must be notified of any substitutes.  
      11.2.7 No player shall allow her name to be submitted by more than one club in any one season.  
        The Portsmouth & District Champion of Champions shall be contested between club champions   
        for the current year.  
      11.4.1 The semi-finals and finals will be played in the same week on the President`s green no later   
        than the second week in September.  
      11.4.2 Markers shall be appointed by the Competition Secretary (qualified if available) for the   
        semi-finals and finals of all single competitions  
      11.5.1 Each club shall supply 2 teams of triples as indicated to play simultaneously.  
      11.5.2 When  selecting   their  teams   each  club   should  include reserves who must attend in case of   
        illness or accident within the teams.  
      11.5.3 Only one substitute per triple shall be allowed. Teams must not be moved around to   
        accommodate substitutes.  
      11.5.4 Each round will consist of 12 ends leading to an overall score between the teams for each club.  
      11.5.5 In the event of scores being tied at 12 ends one triple shall play an extra end.The rink to play   
        shall be agreed by the toss of a coin at the start of the game.  
      11.5.6 The head may only be visited by the skip during the last end.  
      11.5.7 The draw will take place on the day.  
      11.5.8 Any dispute during the competition will be dealt with firstly by The Umpire; secondly - in the   
        absence of an Umpire –  by the Competition Secretary.  
      11.5.9 The decision by the Umpire or Competition Secretary shall be final.  
  12   DISPUTES  
      12.1 For all disputes in the Leagues and Competitions the League Secretary or Competition   
        Secretary`s decision is final.  
      12.2 If the dispute has not been resolved the matter will be referred to the Disputes Committee.  
      12.3 The Disputes Committee will consist of four volunteers from four clubs.  
  13   UNIFORM  
      13.1.1 Dress will be a white/cream skirt, culottes or cropped trousers of regulation style; white/cream  
        tailored trousers of opaque material. Bowls England approved ladies shorts bearing Bowls   
        England logo - with a registered (County and P&D) club shirt or white shirt with collar and   
        sleeves and club cravat.  
      13.1.2 In accordance with Bowls England and Bowls Hants Rules any lady who attends a league match   
         or competition in shorts OTHER than Bowls England approved shorts will not be allowed on the  
        green and will be asked to change. If she has no other uniform to change into the following    
        will apply:    The player will be substituted     If a substitute is unavailable the team will play short in a league match  
      13.1.3 Failure to comply with Rule 13.1.2 will result in the offending club incurring a 2 point penalty.  
      13.1.4 The skirt must be of regulation style, having four inverted pleats –  two at the front and two   
        at the back - and long enough to fall below the knee at the front and below the crease of the   
        knee at the back.  
      13.1.5 Track suits and shell suits  are unacceptable and should not be worn.  
      13.1.6 If club shirts are worn the whole team must be so dressed when playing league matches and  
      13.1.7 Plain white socks may only be worn with trousers, but `footies` must not be visible.  
      13.1.8 Brown, white or grey heel-less shoes – regulation sandals may be worn at the players own risk,  
        providing the host  club does not have any restrictions.  
      13.1.9 In inclement weather appropriate bowls waterproofs may  be worn.  
      13.1.10 Hats are optional, but a plain white style must  be worn. Plain visors may be worn.  
      13.1.11 Only small earrings are allowed.  
      13.1.12 Blazers shall be cream/white with the P&D badge on the left breast pocket and club badge on   
        the lower pocket.  The County badge may  be worn on the left breast pocket and P&D badge   
        on the lower pocket.  
  14   HEALTH & SAFETY  
      14.1.1 The use of plain umbrellas is allowed in extreme weather; e.g. heavy rain or very hot sun.   
        They may be `up` when the player is standing at either end of the rink, but `folded down` when   
        walking down the rink to avoid accidental injury to other players.  
      14.1.2 Umbrellas shall be used at the player`s own risk.  
      14.1.3 If the temperature is 30 degrees and above league matches should NOT be played.  
      14.1.4 If the temperature is in the very high 20s then agreement must be sought between the two   
        match captains to ensure their players are happy to play in the heat.  
      14.1.5 If the game is played in extreme heat players are permitted to leave the green half way   
        through the match for 15 minutes to sit in the shade and partake of cold drinks.  
      14.1.6 Every consideration must be given to players experiencing health problems who may be   
        adversely affected by the heat.  
      14.1.7 If the game is started and later abandoned due to the heat rules 10.7.6 and 10.7.7 will apply.  
      14.1.8 Rescheduled games must be played within fourteen days or as determined by the League   
      14.1.9 Smoking and smoking substitutes are not permitted during P&D leagues and competitions.  
  15   ADDENDUMS  
      P&D WBA Data Protection Policy  
      Bowls England Safeguarding Policy  
      Bowls England Transgender Policy and Advice