Over 55 Singles Competition 2018  
  Please phone result to Wendy Brown on the day - 02392 451829 or email - wmb60@icloud.com  
  Scorecards to 9 Poppy Way, Havant, PO9 2FX  
          Area Final County Finals  
          By Fri 27th Jul Mon 20th August  
    Prelim R1 Semi-Final To be played  and  
  Club By Fri 18th May By Fri 15th June By Fri 6th July on neutral green Tues 21st August  
  LOS C. Turner C. Turner C. Turner K. Francis RESERVE DATE  
  PH S. Ballard Fri 24th August  
  MP C. Gall C. Gall (please keep free)  
  MP S. Briggs    
  LOS C. Cuerden C. Cuerden K. Francis    
  CP J. Wilson    
  MP P. Macrae K. Francis    
  LOS K. Francis    
  F S. Wheeler S. Wheeler V. Prior V. Prior    
  MP L. Gibbs    
  PH   V. Prior    
  MP M. Unwin O. Brewster    
  PH O. Brewster