Triples Competition 2018  
  Please phone results to Julie Greenwood on the day - 02392 641458 or email -  
  Scorecards to 69 Battenburg Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 0SN  
            County Finals  
    Prelim R1 R2 Area last 4 Atherley  
  Club On Fri 4th May On Wed 9th May On Mon 11th June On Fri 6th July Sat 14th July  
  PT B. Webb          
  LOS M. Mogridge  
  NP S. Sartain    
  H S. Barrett  
  R J. Gerrard      
  H S. Burrowes  
  F S. Pullin    
  M J. Meaden  
  CP P. Gurd        
  H D. Davey  
  LOS E. Bennett    
  CP P. Lambshead  
  LOS C. Cuerden      
  NP M. Thomas  
  P S. Paton    
  LOS L. Sanders  
  HI J. Lilley          
  PH G. May  
  H E. Walker    
  BM S. McAfee  
  F R. Bailey      
  CP H. Joyner  
  R J. Hay    
  MP M. Unwin  
  MP J. Roberts        
  MP K. Patrick  
  MP   P. Macrae  
  MP   M. Orchard    
  BM   L. Howell