Pairs Competition 2018  
  Please phone results to Julie Greenwood  on the day - 02392 641458 or email -  
  Scorecards to 69 Battenburg Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 0SN  
              County Finals  
    Prelim R1 R2 R3 Area last 4 Banister  
  Club On Thurs 3rd May On Tue 29th May On Wed 6th June On Mon 18th June On Thu 5th July Sun 8th July  
  MP C Gall            
  NP H Daniels  
  R  J Gerrard    
  HI J Lilley  
  PG C Reynolds      
  LOS C Cuerden  
  HI G Long    
  MP M Wilcockson  
  MP P Macrae        
  MP J Meaden  
  MP T Chambers    
  MP L Gibbs  
  B  V Butler      
  LOS C Turner  
  B L Adams    
  G D Gill  
  NP M Thomas          
  HI K Tregaskis  
  H S Burrows    
  LOS M Mogridge  
  PH G May      
  BM A Cooper  
  MP K Patrick    
  R A Bright  
  PG J Taylor        
  F S Pullin  
  LOS   S Gentry  
  CP   Brown W    
  H   D Davey  
  CP   P Lambshead          
  HI   E Walker  
  MP   J Roberts    
  P   S Paton  
  R   R Boxall      
  F   R Bailey  
  LOS   C Ellis    
  PH   V Prior  
  R   J Hay        
  HI   B Blacklin  
  BM   L Howell    
  CP   H Joyner  
  PH   O Brewster      
  H   J Bettger  
  LOS   L Sanders    
  BM   S McAfee