Minutes of the 68th Annual General Meeting  
  Monday 15th February 2021  
  Present Officers   Present Club   Present   Name  
      President       Bedhampton       Gosport  
      Vice-President       Bridgemary       Hayling Island  
      Past President       Cosham       Lee on the Solent  
      Secretary       Cowplain       Leigh Park  
      Treasurer       Crofton       Milton Park  
      League Secretary       Denmead       Pembroke Grdens  
      Competitions Secretary       Emsworth       Portchester  
      Daphne Nicholls       Fareham       Purbrook Heath  
      Carol Reynolds       Forton       Rowner  
              Gas Social       Waterlooville  
  1   President`s Opening Remarks  
      Ladies - Welcome                  
      None of us envisaged at our 2020 AGM what a surreal year lay before us, and the same can be said for 2021. We have no definite idea what will happen but Gill has worked tirelessly to ensure that everything is in place to enable our bowling season to progress as normal. I know I speak for us all when I say thank you to Gill for all her hard work.  
      This has been a challenging year in many ways but together your Officers have worked hard to retain the integrity of the P&D WBA and I am honoured to be one of your Officers to have achieved this. With a heart full of optimism I am looking forward to meeting you once again on the bowling green. Until then I ask each and every one of you to remain safe and well.  
  2   Obituaries  
      Sadly three ladies of the P&D WBA family have passed away - Sheila Marshall (Pembroke Gardens), Kath Roberts (Cowplain) and Jill Cook (Lee on Solent). Although Jill never held an Officer postion she was an avid supporter of the P&D WBA and was a fearsome competitor. She held the office of President of the Hampshire Women`s Bowling Association. Our thoughts are also with Kath Patrick and Annie Biggs, whose husbands died within days of each other.  
  3   Apologies  
      Not applicable.  
  4   Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 17th February 2020  
      The Minutes of the meeting were adopted as a true record.  
      Proposed by: Marian Cobbett ( Rowner)  
      Seconded by: Carol Reynolds (Pembroke Gardens).  
  5   Matters arising from the Previous Minutes  
      There were no matters arising.  
  6   Secretary`s Report  
      Gill thanked President Cyndy for her much needed support during 2020.  
      Gill thanked all the ladies who sent their photographs in to help her produce a collage that will be preserved in the history archive of the P&D WBA, with special thanks to those who bought calendars, enabling her to raise 230 for President Cyndy`s worthy charity.  
      The video was a great success and viewed by many. Most clubs have a website and photos placed thereon but ladies should be assured that no-one will ever be put on the P&D WBA website or Youtube against their wishes.  
  7   Treasurer`s Report  
      Due to the pandemic lockdown at the beginning of the year the 2019/2020 accounts were not audited by Andrew Rousell, Account Examiner, and the present accounts have not been audited for the same reason. Arrangements will be made for their audit as soon as restrictive measures have been lifted. The financial position of the P&D WBA is stable and I see no need for an increase in affiliation, league and competition fees.  
      If we are fortunate enough to have a bowling season this year accounts will be sent to the clubs at the end of April.  
  8   League Secretary`s Report  
      As the Havant Ladies League is now affiliated to the P&D WBA I have revised the Affiliation Form to include the fee - see Appendix B. The clubs registered in that League are Bedhampton, Clanfield, Cowplain, Denmead, Emsworth, Leigh Park, Purbrook Heath and Waterlooville. The new format has been put on the website.  
      It is fervently hoped we will be playing league this year. However, if social distancing is still in place the leagues will continue to be played as rinks. This can be achieved by the lead, numbers 2 and 3 staying off the rink until it is their turn to bowl their woods. While awaiting their turn they will of course be required to stand with social distance in mind. It is understood this system is the normal way of playing rinks in Australia so it has been tried and tested by President Cyndy. Should Government restrictions not allow bowling to take place before the middle of May it will be questionable whether league can be played as it will be impossible to catch up outstanding matches without playing more matches per week  
  9   Competition Secretary`s Report              
      Nothing to report.  
  10   Proposals                  
      A new format for the submission of proposals or amendments to the P&D WBA Constitution is on the website. The signatures of the Proposer, Seconder and Ladies Captain will be required.  
  11   Constitution                  
      Transgender Policy -  
      To avoid the P&D WBA being involved in unnecessary publicity the following will apply:  
      1. Clubs must take responsibility for their transgender member and not involve the P&D WBA  
      2. A transgender woman`s application to join a mixed club cannot be refused, but the club`s officers should inform them of the Bowls England policy, and that unless they have a Gender Reassignment Certificate they will not be able to play in the P&D WBA league or competitions. This awareness at the point of application should deter public statements being made against the P&D WBA.  
      Bowls England are in the course of updating their Transgender Policy which will be uploaded on the website in due course.  
  12   Election of Officers                  
      As the P&D WBA effectively closed down last year due to the pandemic the Officers posts have been carried forward to 2021.  
      Carol Reynolds (Pembroke Gardens) has been nominated as Secretary      
      Lyn Clayton (Denmead) has been nominted to be a Co-opted Member  
      Vice President Penny Hopkins very graciously offered to let President Cyndy remain as President in 2022 to oversee the P&D WBA 70th anniversary. Penny will remain as Vice President. This was unanimously agreed by the Executive.  
      There is a vacancy for a second Co-opted Member and if anyone would like to be involved with the Committee they would be very welcome.  
  13   Election of Account Examiners              
      Lesley Howell (Bridgemary) and Julie Greenwood (Bowls Hants East Area Secretary) have agreed to be Account Examiners.  
  14   Dates of Meetings                  
      Executive Meeting: Monday 16th August 2021, 2.15pm at Portchester Community Centre  
      Annual General Meeting: Monday 14th February 2022, 2.15pm at Portchester Coummunity Centre