ALEXANDRA PARK   Northern Parade,   Originally named the Portsmouth Corporation Bowls Club the green was  
        Portsmouth, PO2 9PB   opened in 1921, but on the 8th June 1921 the name was changed to  
            Alexandra Bowling & Social Club. The club premises was opened on  
        Membership:   20th July 1921 when the City`s Tramway Band was invited to play. In 1923  
        Men: 52   the club affiliated to the EBA and a year later became one of the  
        Women: 10   founder members of the Portsmouth & District Bowling Association.  
    BEDHAMPTON   Bidbury Mead Green   After ten years of persistence by a local Councillor, who identified the  
        Bedhampton,   need to open a bowling green in the Havant area, the Club was  
        Havant, PO9 3JG   established at an inaugural meeting on 3rd October 1983. 150 people  
            rallied to become members and it was formed as a mixed club.  
        Membership:   The ladies section joined the Portsmouth & District Women`s Bowling  
            Association leagues in 1987. The clubhouse was originally a  
        Men: 66   portakabin and in 1995 the club was provided with a brick built  
        Women: 26   by Havant Borough Council.  
    BRIDGEMARY   Cunningham Drive   Formed as a mixed club, the green was opened on 1st May 1969 by the  
        Bridgemary   Mayor of Gosport. The origin of its badge lies in the geographical  
        Gosport, PO13 OYJ   location of the club, it being situated near the former home of a  
            prominent and historical family named Prideaux-Brune. In June 1969  
            the Founder President sought permission of Lady Prideaux-Brune to  
        Membership:   use their Families of Arms as a basis of a design for the club`s badge,  
        Men: 42   and it is an adaptation of the second and third quarterlies of the  
        Women: 24   Prideaux-Brune Coat of Arms.  
    COSHAM PARK   Northern Road   With a membership of 27 Cosham Bowling Club was conceived at a  
        Cosham   meeting that took place on 8th August 1934 at the Portsbridge Hotel.  
        Portsmouth, PO6 3DL   The subscription for that year was 2/- with an annual season ticket  
            costing 7/6d. The club affiliated to the Portsmouth & District Bowling  
            Association in October 1934. The design of the club`s blazer badge  
        Membership:   reflects the club`s proximity to the Hilsea Ramparts, which was part  
        Men: 46   of the City`s defence fortifications, together with the Portsmouth City  
        Women: 12   crest and the Hampshire Rose.  
    COWPLAIN   Padnell Road,   A mixed club was formed in 1988 with 120 members, and the green was  
        Cowplain, POH BEH   officially opened in April 1989 by the Mayor of Havant, who bowled  
            the first bowl. Originally a portakabin was used as a clubhouse and  
        Membership:   a new pavilion was constructed in 1995. In 1989 the club became  
        Men: 95   affiliated to the Hampshire County and Portsmouth & District  
        Women: 46   Bowling Asociations, entering the P&D Leagues in 1990.  
    CROFTON   Crofton Community   Stubbington Bowling Club was formed as a mixed club on 29th May 1980,  
        Centre,   and on its official opening in July 1980 it was renamed Crofton Bowls  
        Stubbington Lane   Club at the request of the Mayor of Fareham. The original clubhouse  
        Stubbington, PO14 2PP   was a wooden building purchased by members that was further  
            extended to accommodate a large kitchen facility and a separate  
        Membership:   building to house the men`s changing room. In 1984 the club entered  
        Men: 65   the Portsmouth & District Leagues, and it plays in the Gosport &  
        Women: 37   Fareham Mixed Triples Leagues.  
    DENMEAD   King George V Rec.,   After a number of years campaigning and raising financial support the  
        Ashling Park Road,   club was opened in May 1992 with a membership of 100, many of whom  
        Denmead, PO7 6EH   were involved in landscaping the surrounding area. The first clubhouse  
            was an old caravan purchased for 50 which was used throughout the first  
        Membership:   season before it was replaced in 1993 with a portakabin. A brick built  
        Men: 39   pavilion was erected and officially opened in June 1994, and further  
        Women: 38   extension in 1998 enabled the members to play short mat bowls.  
    EMSWORTH   Diamond Jubilee Rec.,   After eight years of intense negotiations with Havant Borough Council,  
        Horndean Road,   housing developers and a well supported public meeting in November  
        Emsworth, PO10 7PT   1996, the mixed club was officially opened on 5th May 1997. The event  
            was marked with a bowling match between all the other  
            Havant Borough clubs and a trophy called the "Emsworth Cup" was  
        Membership:   presented. This cup is competed for on an annual basis. The club  
        Men: 51   entered the Portmouth & District Leagues in 1998 and also plays in the  
        Women: 41   local Reflex mixed triples league.  
    FAREHAM   Park Lane Rec.,   Fareham Borough Council built the green before advertising for  
        Fareham, PO16 7SY   someone to organise a bowling club. The response was good and a  
            former President of the Hampshire County Bowling Association formed  
            a mixed club that was officially opened in 1974. Such was the interest  
            in the game of bowls the membership soon increased to 100 men and  
        Membership:   70 lady members. The club extensively improved the clubhouse and  
        Men: 77   facilities therein with the aid of grants from the Lottery Sports Council  
        Women: 42   and the Foundation for Sports and Arts.  
    FORTON   Forton Rec. Ground      
        Gosport, PO12 3EJ      
        Men: 41      
        Women: 15      
    GOSPORT   Anglesey Gardens,   In 1925 the club was opened for men only, and in 1928 a ladies club  
        Anglesey Road,   was formed. The blazer badge was based on the Borough Seal - the  
        Gosport, PO12 2EG   ship depicted represents that of Henry de Bois, Bishop of Winchester,  
            sailing into harbour to shelter from a storm raging outside. A second  
            green was constructed in 1977. In 1992 a long standing and well  
        Membership:   respected member died leaving his entire estate to the club, and in his  
        Men: 80   memory an annual charity rinks competition is held whereby teams  
        Women: 45   compete for the `Ron Sellwood Cup`.  
    HAYLING ISLAND   Hayling Park,   The mixed club was form on 23rd June 1077 and soon had 50 members  
        West Town,   paying an annual membership fee of 5. The club`s badge features four  
        Hayling Island,   keys representing the historical background of the four ancient Parishes  
        PO11 0HB   on the island - St. Marys, St. Peters, St. Andrews and St. Patricks. The  
            original clubhouse was a portakabin but facilities greatly improved  
        Membership:   when a Community Centre was built. The club became affiliated to the  
        Men: 60   Portsmouth & District and Hampshire County Bowling Associations in  
        Women: 33   1979  
    LEE ON SOLENT   Salisbury Terrace,   In 1979 a group of 58 residents formed a bowling club, initially playing  
        Lee on Solent,   on the greens at Forton and Bridgemary. Members lobbied the Council  
        PO13 9DL   for a bowling green to be established at Lee on Solent and the  
            Secretary organised a petitition, collecting 600 signatures from local  
            residents. After years of negotiation and extensive fundraising by the  
        Membership:   club`s dedicated members a site in the corner of the recreation ground  
        Men: 70   was allocated by the Council and the new green was officially opened  
        Women: 61   in April 1985.  
    LEIGH PARK   Front Lawn Rec.,   The bowling green was opened on 26th May 1965, but it was a low-key  
        Somborne Drive,   affair due to the fact that the membership at that time amounted to  
        Havant, PO9 5AN   only twelve people. The club had no clubhouse or accommodation so  
            the members erected a large garden shed as a stopgap. In later years  
        Membership:   a permanent clubhouse was built and in 1989 a bar was added for  
        Men: 35   social purposes and the entertaining of visiting teams. The club  
        Women: 11   entered the Portsmouth & District Bowling Association league in 1975.  
    MILTON PARK   Milton Park   At a meeting on 20th February 1923 local residents agreed to form a  
        Priory Crescent,   bowling club. While waiting for the green to be laid at Milton Park  
        Southsea, PO4 8QZ   the club`s 60 members played on greens at Canoe Lake and  
            Alexandra Park. On 11th July 1923 the Milton Park green was formally  
            opened and by 1925 the membership had increased to 102. In 1929  
            Portsmouth City Council installed a second green and Milton Park  
        Membership:   Bowls Club moved across to it as Priory Bowls Club took over the  
        Women: 23   original green. Milton Park Ladies Bowls Club was established in 1988.  
    MONEYFIELDS   Swordsands Bowls Ass.   It is reported that a bowling green was constructed in Tangier Road in  
        Tangier Road,   1908, but a club was not formed until 1914. Moneyfields is a ladies  
        Portsmouth, PO3 6QA   only bowls club established in 1981 and is part of the Swordsands  
        Women: 10   NOW CLOSED  
    NORTHERN PARADE   The Sports Club,   Established in 1953, Northern Parade is a ladies only club and is based  
    Now merged with   Northern Parade,   on the first public green built in Portsmouth in 1902. Originally called  
    GAS SOCIAL   Hilsea,   North End Recreation Ground the green was used by the Portsmouth  
        Portsmouth, PO2 9PB   Corporation Mens Bowling Club until 1921 when some members  
            decided to purchase nearby land to form a private bowls club. The  
        Membership:   recreation ground was later renamed Alexandra Park.  
        Women: 18      
    PEMBROKE GDNS.   Pembroke Road,   Situated in a prime positition at Old Portsmouth the bowls club was  
        Old Portsmouth,   founded in 1923, it being one of the earliest formed in the district.  
        PO1 2NR   The club badge shows Nelson in the centre with laurel leaves  
            surround, two bowls and a jack, and the club`s name above. The  
        Membership:   club entered the Portsmouth and District Leagues in 1925.  
        Men: 41      
        Women: 22      
    PORTCHESTER   Community Centre,   In 1983 a short mat bowls club was formed in the Portchester  
        Westlands Grove,   Community Centre, and three years later Fareham Borough Council  
        Portchester PO16 9AD   installed a Matchmaker artificial surface green in the grounds of the  
            centre. Short mat players, together with other members of the public,  
            decided to form the mixed Portchester Bowling Club. The pavilion  
        Membership:   was purchased through grants and fundraising by members. The  
        Men: 65   club`s badge is a circle with the outline of the nearby Portchester  
        Women: 36   Castle Keep in the centre.  
    PURBROOK HEATH   Recreation Ground,   Afer 15 years of negotiations with Havant Borough Council a mixed  
        Purbrook Heath Road,   bowling club was opened on 1st May 1982, with a portakabin supplied  
        Purbrook PO7 5RU   by the Council for a clubhouse. The club`s blazer badge depicts the  
            Purbrook Heath Brook. The present pavilion built by the Council has  
            been extended to provide short mat bowling facilities for members.  
        Membership:   The club is actively involved in both the Portsmouth & District  
        Men: 46   Bowlling Association and the Portsmouth & District Short Mat Bowling  
        Women: 31   Association.  
    ROWNER   Rowner Green,   The Bowling Club was formed by a group of enthusiasts in 1970.  
        Rowner Lane,   The club affiliated to the Portsmouth and District Bowling Association  
        Gosport, PO13 9UR   in 1971 and have hosted many representative matches for the  
            district. The club`s badge depicts Fort Rowner, one of the `Palmerston  
            Follies`, with Royal Air Force wings representing the time when the  
        Membership:   area was an RAF airfield. In the foreground is a Viking galleon  
        Men: 78   representing the arrival of the Bishop of Winchester in AD1140 to  
        Women: 48   Gosport (`Gods Port`).  
    WATERLOOVILLE   Recreation Ground,   Formed in 1933, the Club was undecided whether to play Old English  
        Rowlands Avenue,   or EBA bowls and compromised for the first match when two rinks  
        Waterlooville PO7 7HU   played Old English rules and two rinks played EBA rules, the club  
            finally committing to the latter. A ladies section was formed in 1935  
            but this lapsed and did not resurrect itself again until 1961. The club`s  
        Membership:   badge depicts an oak tree because the green was constructed near a  
        Men: 99   row of oak trees. The club affiliated to the Portsmouth & District  
        Women: 35   and County Bowling Associations in 1961.